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Ad Manager Pro is the most complete ad management solution available. You can use it to manage ads on your site(s), you also can sell clicks, impressions and/or days range to advertisers and purchase clicks and/or impressions from publishers. Features of this quality system may bring you an interesting income.
You and your users have a real-time statistic for each ad (hourly, daily, monthly statistic), also a graphical statistic is available. Advertisers and publishers can order daily email reports. Each ad may be used in multiple campaigns, each campaign has its own statistic and configuration.
Support for classic banners (gif, jpg, png, swf), plain text/html ads, ads from templates (Google AdWords style). You can display ads on pages or in popup consoles. There are many ways to show ads on pages - javascript, iframe, php include command. It lets you place the ads to any webpage.
Option to load a new ad after a given number of seconds. Ads can be targeted by countries,days,hours.

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