AJAX Domain Availability Checker - AJAX Domain Availability Checker

Check domain availability via AJAX! Receive results instantly, Supports most TLDs and is VERY configurable. - Efficient! Works by checking whether DNS entries exists, if not, performs a WHOIS query - Up to THREE checks to ensure a domain is really available - No external PHP/JavaScript libraries required. Just do a php include - Supports most domains. A few TLDs such as .ES is not supported as it has no public whois servers. - Supports Recaptcha - Supports limitation of TLDs allowed to be checked - Keeps a list of available domains in a separate box (can be disabled) - Big Availability Text - No MySQL - Allows specifying a customizable link on a per TLD level - Supports Full Whois Query display - Customizable Language - Tested to be working under PHP 4.4.7 and PHP 5 - HTML4 Strict Compliant. - customize the style and appearance as there is only less than 100 lines of HTML code

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