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Apparatus is a web-based PHP read-evaluate-print interpreter.

•Syntax Highlighting and Line Numbering – Executed code will be displayed back to you with line number and syntax highlighting.
•Error Reporting – Apparatus will display any errors, warnings, or notices generated by your code as well as indicate with an icon the line causing the issue. The icon is also a link, clicking it will automatically google the error message so you can quickly find a solution if needed.
•Tab Override – Apparatus comes packaged with Tab Override, which allows you to use the tab key as you normally would in an IDE without losing focus on the textarea. Note that this feature is only compatible with Firefox and Opera.
•Output Modes – Choose between two output modes: Code and HTML. Code displays the raw output of your code without rendering any html. HTML mode displays the output and allows the browser to render any html it contains.
•Advanced Error Detection – Apparatus can detect and report all parse errors, warnings and notices. Fatal errors however, cannot be captured and reported by Apparatus after the code is executed. Advanced Error Detection will attempt to notify you of fatal errors before they occur. Note that if you experience any false-positives while using this feature, disable it and report the issue here.
•Update Checking – Click the Check for Updates link to check if a newer version of Apparatus is available.

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