asRep PHP: Real-time Google AdSense tracking script - asRep PHP: Real-time Google AdSense tracking script

From the inventors of AdSense tracking technology, asRep is the first tool to track the performance of multiple AdSense ad & search boxes you publish in real-time. asRep is constantly improved to bring you the best AdSense tracker. Unlike the unpredictable reports of Google that can lag as much as 2 days, asRep reports the clicks and searches in real-time. In addition, asRep provides you with additional details that Google does not provide such as reporting of unlimited number of domains and pages, the referring domains and pages, the visitor IPs and countries, the ad unit format and colors, the URLs of the clicked ads, the search terms submitted. Furthermore, asRep shows the details of every individual impression, click and search. You can easily discover the performance of your domains, pages, ad unit formats or colors. asRep is available in PHP and Perl. It uses an efficient and fast MySQL database back-end. Download your free Evaluation Version now!

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