Auto eMail Password & Download - Auto eMail Password & Download

Provided by: American Financing. The Auto eMail me Password and Download script does exactly that! If you offer Software, eBooks or anything that requires a password, well now you can take the headache out of having to remember the passwords and download location of the files you offer. The Auto eMail me Password and Download script is simple. The client simply enters in their First and Last Name along with their eMail address and when they submit, the script will eMail you their data to you, and save their information to a CSV file and then eMail them the location of the file to download along with the password. By using this script you can provide instant download applications for your clients. The applications of this script are endless. You can access and save your data simply by linking to the data file and import it into Excel and then save it to your computer.

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