Blog System - Blog System (new version 2.0)

New version 2.0 - now with better facebook integration and many new features!
With Blog System you could easily launch your own customized and powerful multi language blog portal, you'll have full control over the whole system and your bloggers will benefit from user friendly interface with plenty of features allowing them to create and maintain great looking blogs. In order to run a blog portal with it, you don't need your own dedicated server but just a shared hosting package supporting PHP and MySQL. Blog System offers very rich functionality for the blog users to update and customize their blogs (add notes, comments, upload pictures and create photo albums, customize the blog look and feel with dozens of templates and backgrounds, create lists, RSS, trackbacks, upload audio and video files and others) and for the administrators to monitor and control the whole system (monitor the users, space occupied and bandwidth of the blogs, put advertisements like Google AdSense etc.)

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