Exact Quibids Clone 8.2.61 - Exact Quibids Clone 8.2.61

Special Features:

Scratch Auction.
Future Auction.
Buy-now system.
Bid-back System.
Referral System.
Offline order processing.
Change shipping status from Admin-Panel.
Captcha at registration.
Display bid-type at bid history.
Display return-policy in auction details page.
Advance Autobidder.
Banner rotator.
1 year free technical support.

Standard Features:

No Encryption.
No Callback.
Standard Auction, Penny Auction, Beginner Auction, 10 Second Auction, 15 Second Auction, 20 Second Auction, 100% Off, Nail Bitter, Fixed Price.
User registration and account verification.
Member login, account updating, purchasing more bids and paying for won auctions features.
Buying bid packages.
Set bidding packages.
Bidding in the Penny Auction format. Pay per bid and the price increment by a set amount.
Time increment by 10 seconds (can be changed in the CMS) each time a bid is placed.
Bid butler system - the ability for users to ‘book their bids’.
An editable “Terms and conditions” and “Help section” page. Additional pages can also be incorporated.
A newsletter sign up system and sending capability.
Update & add the latest news articles.
Send newsletters to members signed up for the newsletter.
Paypal as the default payment gateway.
Users can receive free bids for registering, for winning their first auction and for buying bid packages for the first time.
View, edit, add, delete and suspend users.
Add, edit, delete and clone
Limits on the number of auctions a user can win.
Winning bidder can be viewed and the auction status can be update - e.g. paid, awaiting shipping, shipped and completed.
View users bidding history, purchased bid packages, add free bids to the user and refund bids for the user.
View referrals from users.
Coupons module.
Rewards points system when packages are purchased.
Credit system for auctions which users lose, which can be used for won auctions.
Manage unlimited website categories viz. add, edit and delete.
Edit general website settings viz. turning on and off various features.
Add, edit and delete countries that you want to include.

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