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high quality Viral Facebook script. It's concepts to bring lot of users in short time and keep growing every time! The base idea of the script it's that users like, share and complete CPA Lead offers to unlock the story, After they share the story on wall, friends will be interested about the story and click the link to see the story, simple and efficient idea ! Easy and an efficiend idea to make strong money in short Time !

Script Features:

Clear and attractive design
You can create your custom story anytime
BIG CPALead earnings
Extreme Virality via ForceShare and like
Noob friendly. Only one file
More friendly towards ToS than any other script
Coded in javascript
App start up techinques
Long lasting (mine is working since the last 3 days since its an external script!)
No encrypted pages.

Easy to customize :just one index file interface!
No special server requirements
Help file along with script!!


All fb apps will need secure access!! , but since this is not an app!!! it will never get obsolete!! so means, you dont need any developer account, app ID, app secret. none of this will be needed!! super cool!!

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