FormToEmail-Pro - FormToEmail-Pro is trusted by over 40,000 websites for a reason. One of the web's longest standing, easiest to use, and most reliable PHP form scripts.

It's very secure & easy to set up, just one file. Free, friendly support. Step-by-step instructions in plain English. Can process any form!

Features: Required fields. Attach files. Upload files to your server. Block or allow file types. Use email templates. Support for Securimage CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA, textCAPTCHA, identiPIC photo CAPTCHA. CSV output to attachment or file. Autoresponder. Attach a file to the autoresponse. Set encoding. See sender's IP address. Block IPs. Block web addresses. Block rude words. Optional HTML output. Block gibberish (MldMtrPAgZq etc). Confirm email address. Pre-populate form. Show errors on form page. Referrer checking. Check for a cookie to block spambots. Redirect or HTML template for "thank you" page.

No Branding, Free Support & Upgrades for Life.
8 Years & Thousands of Satisfied Users!

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