Inout Smart Deal - Groupon Clone, Living Social Clone

Inout SmartDeal is a Groupon Clone script or a group buying script designed for small to medium businesses. The inherent features handle deals listing, purchases and deal redemption. Unlimited amount of merchants can promote their business with you through group deals while you earn commission on every sale of a deal. Inout SmartDeal is built to scale as your business grows so your costs remain controlled as demands increase. With multilingual and multi-currency support, Inout SmartDeal provides your users an international experience. It also comes with the most commonly used payment gateways such as Paypal, Skrill, and Alert Pay. There is no limit to the number of deals that can be added. With Inout SmartDeal, you can showcase deals with unlimited images, videos, descriptions & fine prints.

Main Features

1. Unlimited possibilities with fixed costs.
Inout SmartDeal offers unlimited categories, deals, images, buyers & merchants. This Groupon clone script offers unlimited possibilities at fixed costs. Concentrate on growing your business because your technology adapts itself to growth.

2. Multiple Payment Options & Money Management.

Smart Deal offers multiple payment options. Paypal, Skrill, Alert Pay and custom integrate other payment options at your request. Money management is streamlines, efficient and built to handle large number of transactions easily on multiple currencies.

3. Social Media integration.
Let users share their experience on Facebook and allow them to promote your portal. We create ample opportunities for you to promote your portal.

4. Advanced Dashboard & Stats.
Get your store statistics aligned in the best way possible with Inout SmartDeal. Never miss out any important activity in your store. Everything you need is beautifully and systematically arranged in a single dashboard. From here, the Merchants can have a look at their status, deal purchases, coupons etc.

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