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StoryFeedit is a profound social bookmarking software empowering startups to create their own social bookmarking website functioning similar to Reddit, Digg and many more. Reddit Clone is built with cutting-edge technologies making it supreme to standalone in the changing business industries. It is highly scalable, robust and user-friendly platform that lets you serve your users with a eye-pleasing social bookmarking website. To let you target your niche business industry with peculiar...

Script Type : Commercial Price : $549 USD

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Reddit Clone from NCrypted is one of the most Social Bookmarking Site Clones which have nearly all features to start your own Reddit Clone on the web. Reddit Clone by NCrypted has all the features like users can submit content or links by using their registered account. Other registered users are allowed to vote that content with up and down vote. Reddit Clone by NCrypted also allowed submitting videos, articles, audios and articles as well. Website Clone by NCrypted has complete Search...

Script Type : Commercial Price : $399 USD

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