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The app works basically like Tinder, allowing users to sign up and create a profile in a few quick and convenient steps, but at the same time, it can also be used by you, the app's owner and admin, to set up additional “safeguards” and features that will not only help the process along when it comes to singles meeting each other, but also makes it easy for you to screen all new members and make sure no one enters false information about themselves.

Script Type : Commercial Price : $799 USD

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NCrypted Websites Dating Script is made-up a with mark on increase flexibility for users and increased earnings of the website owner. This script gives full freedom to create dating connected website or community website. It’s up to your business model to decide on whether you would like dating website or have social networking service. The NCrypted Websites team constantly raising the utility of dating and community service.

Script Type : Commercial Price : $999 USD

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