OnlineBiz Software Solution - Magento Facebook Deal Extension

The Facebook Deal Extension help to publish your sales off products to your Facebook page with a period of time in a minute. This is one of most powerful extension for Magento store which helps increase your sales.
The Facebook Deal Extension is a miniature version of Facebook Store Pro but showing only daily deal products. This Facebook Deal Extension not only showing deaily deals on Facebook page but also on your main store so that you can offer special sales on both store and Facebook social network. Once you install the extension, your daily deal products can be published on Facebook to everyone. People will easy reach your store via Facebook Share, Like,...... Products information and price are updated to Facebook Shop real time without any management efforts.
You have your own Facebook Application instead of depending on our Server or third-party.

* Unlimited categories and products
* Real time update categories and products information on Facebook
* Auto update Facebook shop lifetime
* Performance and speed optimized 100% up time
* Shopping and checkout directly on Facebook
* Sales are received and processed via Magento backend as usually
* Fully support Facebook promotion method
* One-click login integration with Facebook on Facebook Deal so customers can quickly login or create account with Facebook account right on Facebook Deal
* Added ability to update Customers Facebook Wall
* Added ability to update Customers's friends Facebook Wall
* Added ability to Invite Customer's friends via Facebook Deal
* Full customization of wall status, invitation message
* Facebook style built-in
* 2 minutes installation and no management effort

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