Naukri clone script @ 494 - Monster / Naucri clone PHP script -JobStar is a powerful job hunting tool that brings openings & job opportunities

Create your JobStar profile with a simple registration process
Disclose your career profile status
Apply to jobs even without registration
You can apply to multiple relevant jobs in one time
View your previous job search
Simplified job search to find the most relevant jobs
Save your last 5 job searches
Advanced Filters are there to refine your search results
Apply to the jobs matching to your profile
Save your favorite jobs and apply to them later
Keep track of jobs which you have applied to in the last 30 days and You will get a notification or an email with the informed if the recruiter views your apply
The recruiters will be able to see this photo when they search
Follow recruiters and companies to get the latest information on job opportunities
Apply to the jobs shared by the recruiters you are following
Upload your Resume and Photo directly from your phone memory, Dropbox or Google Drive
Remain updated with notifications on Job alerts, pending actions, company/recruiter update, connection, etc
Verify your mobile number through a missed call or the OTP from your registered mobile number
You can import your contacts from external networks and also give & receive endorsements & recommendations.
Candidates and Recruiter can message each other directly
The profile completion meter helps to improve your chances of finding best industry jobs.
Share the posts with others Social Media platforms like email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedln etc

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