MP Shoutbox - MP Shoutbox

MP Shoutbox (aka Text Shoutbox) is a simple shoutbox project which uses no MySQL at all, which means it can be uploaded on any server that supports PHP 4. It is very easy to modify and holds a lot of potential for advanced PHP scripters. Out of the box, it contains a spam blocking script, a shout manager, and the ability to pin messages at the top of the shout list. The CSS is completely customizable and the layout is horizontal, which means it can fit at the top of any website or message board.

-Organized Admin CP
-Stylesheet Controls
-Horizontal Layout
-Bad Word Filter
-HTML Compatibility
-Shout Pinning
-Editable Rules Page
-Shouts Per Page Control
-Admin Inactivity Logout
-Shout Management
-Remove Admin CP Login Link
-Spam Block

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