OLAT - OLAT - Online Learning And Training 6.3.1

OLAT is an open source Learning Management System offering a flexible online course system along with extensive features to guarantee learning and teaching independent of time and place. It has been created especially for public institutions such as universities, academies or colleges, however, it is also suitable for other businesses since OLAT can easily represent any didactic concept or be used in any kind of learning environment.

OLAT means ‘Online Learning And Training’ and is a Learning Management System (LMS) based on the open source model. It has been developed modularly as well as course-based to offer you a maximum of flexibility and didactic freedom as respects the preparation of learning contents. By means of a vast user and group management on the one hand and a multitude of collaborative tools on the other it is possible to realize any teaching scenario without restriction.

Apart from a flexible course system OLAT also comprises various course-independent as well as course-comprehensive features. This includes particularly a general management of learning resources including indexing as well as the provision of editor tools to create courses, tests, and questionnaires.

OLAT is flexible and can be used intuitively
Thanks to its course-based architecture OLAT offers a learning environment in accordance with established teaching methods. Piling up files or transparencies can be confusing–OLAT on the contrary provides you with plenty of possibilities to prepare and structure your learning content, to test your students’ knowledge, and to support them during their training. Even social skills can be exercised by using various group tools to enable synchronous as well as asynchronous cooperation.

OLAT is a secure Learning Management System
Its Java-based software architecture offers the highest level of security as regards operations and the system’s access. At the same time this technology with its well-structured, coherent source code allows for much flexibility as to its further development. Since version 6.x OLAT relies on scalability and can afford a large amount of users by employing a cluster containing multiple servers.

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