Omnistar Tell A Friend Software - Omnistar Tell A Friend Software

The Omnistar tell a friend software solution is an easy to implement site recommendation tool that will allow you to setup up a user friendly site referral system on any web site. This tell a friend software solution will allow you to automate your entire viral marketing efforts. The software is ideal for webmasters, businesses or any individual that is trying to increase the amount of web site traffic through referrals. The Omnistar Tell a friend software also has many features that include, a customizable tell a friend icon, customizable pop-up page and email management tools to correspond with referrers. In addition to these main features, the software includes nine built in html email templates, a spam control system, detailed referrer reports and an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. Other features of the tell a friend software include built in autoresponder capabilities, and an optional email preview page for referrers.

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