PHP Login & Redirect - PHP Login & Redirect

This package provides secure login and redirection based on the users login information. The site administrator can dictate the page that the user will be redirected to once the user has been authenticated. Lots of control: the Control Panel Administration allows adding users, modifying user information, adding users to groups, deleting users, undeleting users, banning users, banning IP Addresses, viewing and sorting login information, require users to change their password at next login, require users to activate their account as to verify their e-mail address before they are able to login Other functionality of this package: Control access to pages through username or groups, allow users to request an e-mail of their login information allows users to change their own password and e-mail address, allows users to self-register. Easy Install, all user interfaces are in html so this is very easy to customize, requires PHP4+, MySQL

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