Powerline Script - Powerline Script

If you've already tried some of our other money-making scripts, or even if you're new to the internet marketing realm, here's a script that will generate extra revenue for you each month.
Imagine having your own membership site of paying members that grows with every passing month. If you grow your list to several hundred, and they send you $20 each, you'll be making over $5,000 per month! But not only that, you'll also be growing a list of paying customers that you can send your business opportunities to, and earn even more sales to add to your income. Taking the undeniable popularity of membership sites, and the outstanding income that can be easily generated from profitable powerline systems into account, we've developed a winning combination that you can't ignore. You choose for your members to pass-up the first one or two sales to their referrer, then your members start reaping the rewards for their efforts. We've designed our script with the layman in mind... That means you don't need to be a technical wizard to take advantage of the features. The control panel makes it easy to manage and administer your program, with all the hard work taken care of in advance for you. Once you've setup your powerline membership site, you can be promoting it and earning an income in no time at all!

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