Swoopo Gold 6.0.11 - Swoopo Gold 6.0.11

No Encryption No Callback

Swoopo Gold v6.0.11 is the closest match to Swoopo in quality & functionality. It's tested on a live environment with thousands of site users simultaneously posting bids on different items. Major additions in the gold version.1. Bid-back System. (Swoopo Gold only)2. Referral System. (Swoopo Gold only)3. Change shipping status from Admin-Panel. (Swoopo Gold only)4. Captcha at registration. (Swoopo Gold only)5. Display bid-type at bid history. (Swoopo Gold only)6. Display return-policy in auction details page. (Swoopo Gold only)7. Advance Autobidder. (Swoopo Gold only)8. Banner rotator. (Swoopo Gold only)9. Twelve month Free tech-support. (Swoopo Gold only)

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