Ticket Support System - Ticket Support System

Ticket Support Script is an online PHP / MySQL based script for processing and managing your clients’ requests. With 3 simple steps you will have Ticket Support Script installed on your website and it works on any web browser.

* Use Ticket Support Script on any website that you make for you or your clients;
* Have Ticket Support Script installed on your website with 3 simple steps;
* Create as many support operators as you want;
* Create operators to only view and reply the tickets or administrators to manage operators and options;
* Allow or disallow files uploading when posting or replying to a ticket;
* Create different ticket statuses so users know what is the status of their ticket - Replied, Currently processing, Closed, etc.;
* let users specify the category for each ticket - Sales, Technical, Billing, etc.;
* let users specify the priority for their ticket - High, Low, Emergency, etc.;
* assign unique ID to each ticket;
* built-in search engine helps you find a ticket using ID, name or email address;
* using an easy to use ticket submission page user can easily submit a ticket;
* NO annual or monthly payments! You can have the FULL PHP source codes on a reasonable price!

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