Want It! Have It! Love It! - Want It! Have It! Love It!

Add a little user interactivity to your site with our flatfile PHP script "Have It, Want It, Love It"
Want It! Have It! Love It! allows your visitors to vote on whether they want, have or love an item your selling.
No matter if you sell, review or promote physical goods or digital goods, this script is for you!
You can add multiple voting systems or just one per page.
We love pushing buttons right? we just cant help ourselves! if its clickable we just wanna click it :)
Well dont get to click happy, the script has a feature to only allow each button to be clicked once by each visitor.
Via the admin area, you can reset all votes or individual votes as well as reset the IP file.
Installing and using the script is very simple, we have added a detailed readme file to help guide you.

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