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Create a guestbook in seconds with no programming or software! Avoid the headaches of software installation and maintenance by adding a remotely hosted guestbook to your website. You can easily integrate your guestbook to appear as a part of your website, not a third-party add-on. Our guestbooks are completely customizable and both free and paid versions are available. Get the features and customer support of a professionally hosted website guestbook to avoid things like email and comment spam.

Find out why companies around the world are choosing to use software as a service (SaaS) over traditional software. Visit Website Toolbox to create your own advanced guestbook in minutes...

Features include the ability to use your own domain name, CAPTCHA image verification, spell checker, downloadable messages, mailing lists, message approval, private messages, IP banning, HTML and profanity filters, smilies, email notifications, and an advanced WYSIWYG editor.

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