World of Phaos - World of Phaos

cloudRealms strives to be the best open source web based game engine, that allows for web based mmorpg's to easily be created. With tons of features, and the engine being improved everyday. With monthly updates. The engine features a dynamic real time updating map editor, and full control over your game world. A dynamic quest system to navigate the story of your game, and supports full character sprites for NPC's, Enemies, and Players. cloudRealms also features an in-game social network that allows players to befriend each other, and players to even have relationships in the game. The engine features player partys, npc dialog, character creation engine, and is growing with more features every week. As for the code it is always being improved upon, and plans to move into a framework for MVC design. It's completely free to download and is distrbuted by sourceforge under the AGPL v3 license.

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